AR And IoT Merger: A Promise For Better Connected World

We are already aware of how augmented reality is an effective way of learning and how we can use it to expand and grow in business. Let’s have a glance of it. Even being a child, we used to be happier while seeing the models than being taught with the help of books. Visual delight has always been a great medium to start the career with, to learn, to start innovating something new. There are numerous technologies which are using AR already like Google Sky Map, Cadbury etc.

Now, let us have a look at an emerging yet most fascinating technology which is electric vehicles. Lithium is nowadays in demand to content writing services make electric vehicles. Lithium is basically used to charge electric vehicles, and they are used as they have higher energy density than other rechargeable batteries. IOT is used in these vehicles which makes them much faster, and it also helps to manage voltage to temperature everything in electric vehicles.

Sudeep Srivastava has rightly stated that “Anywhere, where data can help us in making certain decisions – that is where IOT adds value to financial services.”

It has been stated by someone that “In Augmented reality, visible natural world is overlaid with a layer of digital content”.

If we can see and understand above two statements of two different technologies, we can see that IOT, and AR are big blast with each other. We know that our today’s time is overloaded with data and IOT helps us in that, and AR helps to visualise and make creation much more fascinating and real.

Suppose you are not really in this era rather you are in the era where we were not even able to talk to each other sitting in different places, different cities, different countries. But today we can talk to anyone from anywhere. Today technology is expanding and so are we. This is the power of technology! The fun fact is content writing company that this is not only the power of technology. We are here to expand, and we are expanding every day. Every day some innovations happens. Every day we become more powerful in terms of technology. There is a lot in technology itself that a normal human being does not know even know 50% of it.

We are connected to each other by wireless wires, we are connected, we can see those died dinosaurs today in front of them, we can study on any extinct animals, today we do not want some live animals to do bisection. We are so powerful today, that we can do anything with the comfort of our home. We have the powerful weapon today! We can automate anything in this world. Augmented reality has become a very impactful thing for all of us. We love seeing the things that we cannot actually see in this world, people love to learn through this medium, we like to connect and expand our knowledge.

“Companies can now hire employees with basic content writing agency skills and experience and train them on-the-go using AR instructions. Siemens, for example, uses AR to teach its employees how to weld using AR simulation.” – Alexey Chalimov, CEO at Eastern Peak

The Internet provides very serious challenges to our ability to keep from children the kinds of things that are destructive to them.”  – John Ashcroft

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