Don’t Like Funny Wedding Speeches?

Hey ladies and gentlemen, welcome to yet another article on the subject of funny wedding speeches and why you need humor at your wedding. As you may or may not know, I recently got married about 2 months ago. It was without a doubt the most amazing moment of my life. Fast forward to today, now it’s my friend’s turn to get married. He gets married in October, and as you can imagine, he has a lot of work and planning left to do.

For one reason or another, my friend is wondering whether or not to use any humor at his wedding. I just simply came and told him he absolutely has too. Humor is great and is a crowd pleaser. Everyone appreciates a little humor, and for this reason I created a funny wedding speech at my wedding, and so will he. In fact, not just him but everyone who is getting married!

Funny wedding toasts are not only necessary to have a good wedding, but also important. Important for the simple fact that people always remember the “funny times”, and they will surely remember your wedding and how funny or boring it was. You definitely do not want them to think your wedding speeches were boring, especially the best man. At the very least, the best man’s speech is to be funny. mk677

Funny wedding toasts don’t have to be funny in the sense that you need to use jokes. You can make them funny by telling romantic and funny wedding quotes or funny wedding poems. These can be quotes about love, or marriage with a simple twist to make them funny. See, you don’t need to even be funny to come up with a funny wedding toast!

Just keep the following below in mind:
1: Maintain eye contact with your audience, relax, smile and be in a festive mood. You do not want to be nervous, and looking down.

2: Make sure that your wedding toast is no longer than 7 minutes. I recommend 5 – 7 minutes long.

3: Do not offend anyone with inappropriate jokes and comments. Just keep them simple, funny and something even the kids in attendance will enjoy.

4: Thank everyone for attending if you are the groom or bride, but if you are the best man, you want to thank everyone for attending, as well as the groom and bride as well.

Anyway, this article is getting a bit long, so I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you, and good luck with your wedding and wedding speech. I wish you all the best.


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