Foot Valve: A Kind of Energy-Saving Valves

The so-called foot valve is an energy-saving valve and sometimes is called a clack valve. It is composed of body, clack, deck, bush, sealing rings and other parts. According to the different materials of the valve, it can be classified into plastic foot valve and mental foot valve. It also can be separated into common one and anti-wash water one. On basis of various bores, the valve is categorized one-lobe, two-lobe, flanged end connection and threaded end connection.

The foot valve is usually installed at the lower end of the suction pipe of the pump below the water level. This valve’s main function is to restrict the water in the suction hose. It only allows the pump to pull water as soon as it is started. This device only allows the water to come in but does not allow it to go out. Under the influence of fluid pressure, the valve clack opens the water. When the water is stopped, the pressure at the exit of the pipe will rapidly close the clack and thus the fluid will not come back to the water source. To some degree, the foot valve does not only keep the pumping free but also save the water. van điều khiển điện

This valve is suitable in deign, advanced in manufacturing process, and convenient in installation, application and repair. And meanwhile it has other merits such as low resistance force, durability and energy-saving. Therefore, the foot valve is widely used in pump facilities of different industries, such as petrochemical, chemical, textile, dye printing, metallurgy, mine and irrigation. Generally speaking, every foot valve is characterized by the following features.

What comes first is that from the perspective of technology or the flow rate this valve is very ideal. In addition, it will not cause the turbulent current when it drains.

Secondly, this valve can provide all the connectors in accordance with international standards, such as welding type, clamping type, threaded type and so on. Owing to this feature, the foot valve certainly can be widely used in lot of places.

Thirdly, US304.SUS316L is the main material for every foot valve. Sometimes, in order to satisfy the user’s requirement, the alloyed steel is also suitable as its man material.



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