Get To Know About The Features Of The OPPO A15s


The Oppo A15s is an affordable mid-range smartphone with Android 7.1 and Hi Krytan CPU. It comes with built-in music player and has a large screen to cater for its large size. This smartphone is ideal for those who need to have the best experience in making their calls and listening to their music. Those who have great skills in playing games can also have fun using this device as it comes with excellent games features.

The OPPO A15s comes with an efficient Kirin processor that is one of the top mobile processors available in the current market. With this chip, it allows users to experience high quality audio and video without worrying about low end speed. Android applications are pre-installed in this phone such as Google Maps, Gmail, Hangouts, etc. This smartphone also has a large storage capacity which further increases the functionality of this device. It also comes with a microSD slot and offers support for cards up to 2GB.

The OPPO A15s has a lot of things to offer. The first is the large color display which is clear and bright. It is covered with an easy to grip silicone skin which makes it easy to hold. In addition, this smartphone has a front LED flash which adds to the brightness of the display. It has a battery that lasts for a long time due to its efficient processor. Other impressive features of this Oppo A15s include: OPPO A15s

One of the most innovative features of this smartphone is the feature of facial recognition. With the help of this device, users can automatically lock their facial recognition sensors when they do not want others to see their real name. The OPPO A15s has a large memory which supports both the expandable capacity of the SD card as well as the huge RAM of the octa-core processor. The battery of the Oppo A15s lasts for a long time due to its efficient processors and large LCD screen.

OPPO A15s has four models with different configurations which helps to suit different consumers’ needs. The A15s price is quite competitive and it comes with many features including many customizable options which makes every model unique. Apart from the built-in music player, this smartphone has a special shot gallery which lets you enjoy the beautiful world of photography. The OPPO A15s price is reasonable and is very easy to understand. You can easily compare prices of this device online which makes every option accessible.

When you buy this a15s image is for illustration purpose only. Actual image may vary according to different phones. Camera is provided along with the Oppo Avantio Plus which has a high resistance to shock and water.

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